How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Entrepreneur’s Vacation Day: A working day on which work doesn’t interfere with the work you really need to be working on.  – Mark Talaba

It started in January, when Paul and Jenny, our intrepid Client Services Team, put up the calendar. I mean an old-fashioned one that you can write on. Then they penciled in their well-planned vacations. Did I mention they are a team? They always coordinate with each other so business needs are never left unmet. And they are young enough to enjoy air travel, and sophisticated enough to have been places I have little desire to see, other than on a National Geographic special.

But for me, a vacation day is best spent reading or writing. What makes it a vacation day is that I’m probably doing it horizontally. With iced coffee on the side. And no phones ringing.

So we have a little discussion. They think I have to commit to a vacation because it’s good for me and if I just mark some dates off, it will happen.

But I am an entrepreneur, which means my calendar and clock are at the mercy of whomever needs something that will promote the company. It means that I don’t need to get away because I’m already there, working toward a bright but very distant future that only I can see.

When I was in grade school, they always assigned the first essay with that topic: How I Spent My Summer Vacation. My vacations then weren’t like in the storybooks. I lived in the Bronx with my parents and brother. There are no lake houses there. There is a subway that goes all the way from where we lived to Coney Island, where the hot dogs sizzled and so did we, lying on a big blanket under unrelenting sun while we waited out the prescribed one hour before jumping into the icy surf.

There may never be a summer at a lake house for me. But believe me, there is nothing like spending a vacation with your dream.


One thought on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  1. Your writing has a nostalgic touch tinged with a grace and ease that bodes well for the future of anyone fortunate enough to be associated with you. Iced coffee and no phones ringing doesn’t hurt either. Well written, concise piece.

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